October 2020 “change of business-models and the permanent change of working environment”

Digitization, for example as “digital transformation” or “digitization 4.0”, goes far beyond innovative possibilities. New business models and views Analyzes using data science are part of it, as well as customer experiences and other process chains. These questions ask yourself how you can create an agile organization that is also in impermissible official states. Or how you can set up your production with the help of IoT – the internet of things that have helped. Then you’ve come to the right place.

www.airpurheaven.com shows you how you can improve your products and services in your branch.
Musts are only possible through plasticity. For professionals this means that the brains have to vibrate. One can also say that when the brain is heard, a listening attitude begins and the learning effects of the brain are influenced.

“Experience more instead of living” through activities and mobility you take the first step. Experience a new way in our everyday life.

S.Sahesch-Pur, 27.10.2020