July 2020 technology changing modus

Have you already received a certain routine during the past few months to set up your professional life, your family life and other activities that are close to your heart so that you are best off in the COVID-19 pandemic? We seem to be adjusting more and more to this time and still realize that many things are particularly important to us in everyday life and in life. This can be a very different topic for one or the other. Spoken personally by me, it is important for me to attend live concerts and classical concerts, which spread joy especially in the summer months and stimulate my senses more to enjoy the summer to the fullest. In contrast to professional musicians, I now have the opportunity to meet musicians on a special streaming platform of www.airpurheaven.com, who can organize my personal music event and make a significant contribution to my program to look forward to the concerts in real time .

That is the reason why I get involved with music lovers in July and devote myself to them in a very special way. During my last visit to Regensburg in early July 2020 in honor of the recently deceased son of Regensburg, Mr. Prelat Domkappelmeister Prof. Dr. Georg Ratzinger, I had the rare opportunity to be there in the middle and live in Regensburg Cathedral to join the farewell party. This rare opportunity to witness a valued man who saw his life’s work in paving the way for young people and building their skills to stand by with advice and action day in and day out was a remarkable moment since that moment shared just as valuable by many.


An experience that meant a lot to me privately and will continue to resonate for a long time. In these moments, despite the long journey to Regensburg, I was satisfied to have taken this route and to face this encounter. Saying goodbye to a person and taking part in it didn’t seem so close to me yet. This moment has shown me that a personal encounter is a valuable one, as I would like to be able to remember it afterwards and I can.


If you would like to have an impression of how this feeling of “being there live” feels and which emotions come up, watch the video in the recording below:

or see live sections of a live stream at:


A backdrop that is unparalleled, an audience that has recognized the peculiarity of this moment and therefore focuses the mass closely, a bishop and his spiritual brothers who emotionally accompanied the farewell of Ratzinger in an attitude that was seldom seen as dignified, that gives you the unforgettable moment.

Sincerely your SADRI SAHESCH-PUR, Nussbaumen, July 26th, 2020