March 2020 COVID-19 Support and The Rise of Digitalization Strategy

In a lively and extraordinary time of the pandemic in 2020, it is astonishing how quickly the world is moving in a digital acceleration path. Suddenly families, companies, neighbors, close and less close friends and acquaintances suddenly become a person you meet at a distance, sometimes with suspicion. What does all this do to a society and what effects will it have on our open society ?

This is what philosophers, ethicists, scientists and avoidable scientists, journalists, transformation managers, politicians and people who are interested in the development of a society ask themselves.

But one thing is certain; the essence of a person’s essence emerges in these times, so that the human being is recognized again in the human being and shows his face with all the shades and stains that life has drawn. unadorned, without make-up, uncensored, and therefore free in the here and now, because it depends on the individual. He / she shows his real face, his real motives, his attitude and traits, a great time to ask himself who I am and who I want to be.