• > 15 Years of international experience in Power Plant Activities and Risk Assessment Management Environment, to ensure safety and security on site. Taking care of technical power strain related interfaces, from Gasturbine, Generator and Steam Turbine inspection and commissioning.
  • Performing Root Cause Analyzing after Damages and Incidents of Power Plant Equipment and Facilities
  • Supporting and Advisory for Re-Insurance Companies by define counter measurements for technical assessment regulation activities
  • Support and Guidance of complex logistic equipment to overseas transportation.
  • Coordination and Communication of complex re-and new construction sites at infrastructure projects, SIA phase 2 – 4, from planning and steering till maintenance into monitoring and coordinating working packages including communicating internally and externally.
  • Acting as “International Welding Inspector” and Specialist, DVS, IIW 1170, SLV Munich (Germany)
  • Official Chance-Management Certificated, Communication Certificated, Consulting Process Certificated Advisory for change approach behaviour and intercultural engagement to act at small midsize companies (SME), as well as cooperate companies, and supporting in sounding board functions
  • Experience as internally and externally auditor according EN ISO 9001-2015, train – infrastructure related facilities and parts, EN 15085 – 2, High Level Structures
  • Member of Swiss and German Society of Lean-Construction institute. https://www.slci.ch/ or https://www.glci.de/
  • Member of German Society of International Welding Engineer, DVS, http://iiwelding.org/ https://www.iso.org/committee/55014.html 
  • Member of “German Society of Quality”, DGQ. http://www.dgq.de
  • Member of (Swiss-German) Executive Management Society for Public Transportation in Switzerland. https://kvoev.ch/de/
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