Improving your market position in diverse business fields, we help you clean and clear. We will support you by transformation from tradition into progress and advanced position. "Gartners" effect and more correlation and infuluences on your buiness field of Transormation. "The Magic Quadrant" and more related influences.

"Growth requires pain"


Executive Coaching and Strategic Advisory

• You do not see what you do not see or do not want to see !
• This fact was also the leaders in earlier times, the princes and kings, aware. The role of jester is an impressive testimony to these “sparring partnerships” in order to reduce their own “blind spots”. This classic cooperation, which is its core function, is today also extremely fruitful in daily business life.
• The reason for this is the sovereignty of the sparring partner. Independent sparring partner.
• An executive coach is, unlike the usual conversation partner of the manager, outside the system and is neither networked nor career dependent of his client.
• Only with this independence is it possible to be a source of feedback and a reflection partner to meet at equal and eye level !
• Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
• Multi line blockquote with a cite reference:
• People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.

• There is many definitions of “strategic advisory”, that is why I want to be short in that terms, here.
• #Do you know your mission?
• #Do you know the context of your mission ?
• #Did you exchange – each other- your understanding and your challenges of that missions, already?
• #Did you select a person and your team for this specific task already or do you know your strengths and weaknesses of your team, mission and organization?
• If not, or not completely, WE will provide YOU and YOUR team a additional value add proposition, to let your action area in professional life increase and therefore your financially investments integrate and collaborate, within your organization.

Business and Cooperate Advice

  • Providing supportive and professional approach to dealing with business regulations and new efforts in regulatory hurdles and picking up various stakeholders and stakeholders interest.

  •  It is important to note the right working and technical level, depending on the effect and consequence of the respective task. I will advice and prepare you accordingly and give you hinds on what to look out in bilateral and professional discussions, in line with my corporate governance experience specially for small and middle-seized-companies.
  • > 15 Years of international experience in Power Plant Activities and Risk Assessment Management Environment, to ensure safety and security on site. Taking care of technical power strain related interfaces, from Gasturbine, Generator and Steam Turbine inspection and commissioning.
  • Performing Root Cause Analysing after Damages and Incidents of Power Plant Equipment and Facilities
  • Supporting Agil Coach and Advisory for Re-Insurance Companies by define counter measurements for technical assessment regulation activities
  • Support and Guidance of complex logistic equipment to overseas transportation.
  • Coordination and Communication of complex re-and new construction sites at infrastructure projects, SIA phase 2 – 4, from planning and steering till maintenance into monitoring and coordinating working packages including communicating internally and externally.
  • Acting as “International Welding Inspector” and Specialist, DVS, IIW 1170, SLV Munich (Germany)
  • Official Chance-Management Certificated, Communication Certificated, Consulting Process Certificated Advisory for change approach behaviour and intercultural engagement to act at small midsize companies (SME), as well as cooperate companies, and supporting in sounding board functions
  • Experience as internally and externally auditor according EN ISO 9001-2015, train – infrastructure related facilities and parts, EN 15085 – 2, High Level Structures
  • Member of Swiss and German Society of Lean-Construction institute. https://www.slci.ch/ or https://www.glci.de/
  • Member of German Society of International Welding Engineer, DVS, http://iiwelding.org/ https://www.iso.org/committee/55014.html
  • Member of “German Society of Quality”, DGQ. http://www.dgq.de
  • Member of (Swiss-German) Executive Management Society for Public Transportation in Switzerland. https://kvoev.ch/de/
  • Investor and Incubator of Airpur Heaven Communication – Funeral Streaming Line Project

Regensburger Domspatzen



March 2020 COVID-19 Support and The Rise of Digitalization Strategy
In a lively and extraordinary time of the pandemic in 2020, it is astonishing how quickly the world is moving in a digital acceleration path. Suddenly families, companies, neighbours, close and less close friends, and acquaintances suddenly become a person you meet at a distance, sometimes with suspicion. What does all this due to a society and what effects will it have on our open society?
This is what philosophers, ethicists, scientists and avoidable scientists, journalists, transformation managers, politicians and people who are interested in the development of a society ask themselves.
But one thing is certain; the essence of a person’s essence emerges in these times, so that the human being is recognized again in the human being and shows his face with all the shades and stains that life has drawn. unadorned, without make-up, uncensored, and therefore free in the here and now, because it depends on the individual. He / she shows his real face, his real motives, his attitude and traits, a great time to ask himself who I am and who I want to be.

November 2020 COVID mindset for 2021
What experiences will we take with us into the new year 2021?
Take the time to think about how 2020 has fared for you.
What did you enjoy and what less?
What is good for you and what is less?
What am I more mature in dealing with and which topics are still difficult for me today?
Which goals do I want to achieve and which ones can I do without?
Assessment and evaluation in the context of a changing family and society are decisive factors for successful advancement in the professional field.

Do you use your energy to change something and don’t let your valuable energy dissipate pointlessly?
Acceptance = peaceful mood
Get yourself in “high spirits” according to Jens Corssen,
Note the “most essential attitudes” about:
# Self-Confidence
# Overcoming Yourself

October 2020 “change of business-models and the permanent change of working environment”
Digitization, for example as “digital transformation” or “digitization 4.0”, goes far beyond innovative possibilities. New business models and views Analysis using data science are part of it, as well as customer experiences and other process chains. These questions ask yourself how you can create an agile organization that is also in impermissible official states. Or how you can set up your production with the help of IoT – the internet of things that have helped. Then you’ve come to the right place.
www.airpurheaven.com shows you how you can improve your products and services in your branch.
Musts are only possible through plasticity. For professionals this means that the brains have to vibrate. One can also say that when the brain is heard, a listening attitude begins and the learning effects of the brain are influenced.
“Experience more instead of living” through activities and mobility you take the first step. Experience a new way in our everyday life.

S.Sahesch-Pur, 27.10.2020

July 2020 technology changing modus
Have you already received a certain routine during the past few months to set up your professional life, your family life and other activities that are close to your heart so that you are best off in the COVID-19 pandemic? We seem to be adjusting more and more to this time and still realize that many things are particularly important to us in everyday life and in life. This can be a very different topic for one or the other. Spoken personally by me, it is important for me to attend live concerts and classical concerts, which spread joy especially in the summer months and stimulate my senses more to enjoy the summer to the fullest. In contrast to professional musicians, I now have the opportunity to meet musicians on a special streaming platform of www.airpurheaven.com, who can organize my personal music event and make a significant contribution to my program to look forward to the concerts in real time .
That is the reason why I get involved with music lovers in July and devote myself to them in a very special way. During my last visit to Regensburg in early July 2020 in honor of the recently deceased son of Regensburg, Mr. Prelat Domkappelmeister Prof. Dr. Georg Ratzinger, I had the rare opportunity to be there in the middle and live in Regensburg Cathedral to join the farewell party. This rare opportunity to witness a valued man who saw his life’s work in paving the way for young people and building their skills to stand by with advice and action day in and day out was a remarkable moment since that moment shared just as valuable by many.

An experience that meant a lot to me privately and will continue to resonate for a long time. In these moments, despite the long journey to Regensburg, I was satisfied to have taken this route and to face this encounter. Saying goodbye to a person and taking part in it didn’t seem so close to me yet. This moment has shown me that a personal encounter is a valuable one, as I would like to be able to remember it afterwards and I can.

If you would like to have an impression of how this feeling of “being there live” feels and which emotions come up, watch the video in the recording below:
or see live sections of a live stream at:
A backdrop that is unparalleled, an audience that has recognized the peculiarity of this moment and therefore focuses the mass closely, a bishop and his spiritual brothers who emotionally accompanied the farewell of Ratzinger in an attitude that was seldom seen as dignified, that gives you the unforgettable moment.
Sincerely your SADRI SAHESCH-PUR, Nussbaumen, July 26th, 2020

April 2020 Sustainability Nachhaltigkeitsziele 2030

A special status of the 2030 Sustainability Goals agreed by the United Nations of the UN member states is the composition of the individual goals and their effects on the global interaction of the actors. Switzerland also continues to pursue its goals of achieving them and enables you to participate in this political and social obligation in your own way. You can see a useful summary of this in the link and ask yourself which way of life you can contribute to or are already doing actively to get closer to the desired goals.

Not only do I experience political lobbying of the topic in further training offers and company programs / presentations (whether offline or online), but I do indeed receive active support in this direction. Society seems to be changing remarkably by asking how we are making this situation of the Corona standstill COVID-19 aware of how we want to personalize our lives. This virus has made it possible to turn this and many other parts of personal life upside down and gives an opportunity to gently and carefully observe the standstill and find your own way out of it. Living in harmony with nature and assuming its proportionality makes it possible to organize your everyday life in a moderate and sensible manner, without any hectic and unrest. I think this is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss to experience your change and help shape it, and it’s very conscious.
The choice of goals, in particular, which Switzerland served and contributed to, is an indication that the globally thinking approach can make a difference and the goal of support seems worthwhile. A goal that can create peace. International cooperation is only consequently a result of closer cooperation on a global level and creates the necessary backing when many countries take on these political but much more social changes.


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"Growth requires pain"

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